First, you rent an apartment. Then you purchase your first starter home. Next, you upgrade to a family home where you’ll likely spend the majority of your years until you decide to downsize to a condo or vacation home. Does that sound familiar?

Traditionally, renting has been one rung in the housing ladder but now, more than ever, it’s transitioning into an end-game decision for many. An increasing number of people are choosing apartment living for the flexibility it offers over traditional homeownership.

This is especially true for two of the fastest-growing demographics today. Both Millenials and Baby Boomers are seeking a lifestyle that offers convenience, mobility, flexibility & community. A renter’s lifestyle offers a hassle & maintenance-free living situation for one convenient monthly check.

So, whether you’re looking to downsize or just starting out in your career, there are a plethora of reasons to consider apartment living. The possibilities are endless, so what are you waiting for?

13 reasons to choose apartment living

1. Mobility

One of the top reasons people choose a rental is for mobility. Whether you’re downsizing from a larger home or need to be ready for a career re-location, not being locked into a mortgage has a lot of perks. Not to mention, more and more millennials are living a location independent, semi-nomadic lifestyle which means they want nothing to do with being tied down long-term.

2. Community

Beyond the convenience of apartment living, modern apartment buildings are also offering amenities that facilitate socialization. Co-working spaces, social rooms, community outdoor spaces and organized social events are becoming more and more popular and giving residents a sense of belonging. This is particularly true in cities where anonymity is a way of life – the “sense of community” is important at home.

3. Location

Apartment living offers residents the opportunity to handpick the neighborhood of their choice. It makes moving into a trendy downtown neighborhood far more accessible than trying to break into a steep housing market.

4. Amenities

Social rooms, co-working spaces, libraries, indoor mail service, onsite storage, outdoor green space, access to parks, trails, etc and even discounts at local shops & restaurants. Depending on the apartment you choose, there are a whole host of amenities that are available to residents beyond the actual apartment they live in.

5. Zero Outdoor Maintenance

Imagine being able to enjoy green space with your dog, barbeque outdoors in the summer, and (if it’s your thing) smell the roses without ever having to weed, garden or mow the lawn. Yard maintenance is one of the top complaints of home-owners today. Just another case for apartment living.

6. Underground Parking

Here in Nova Scotia, we get a lot of snow…and ice…and freezing rain. If you’re ever waited 30 minutes for your car to warm up enough for you to scrape the ice off of it, we don’t need to tell you how valuable indoor parking is. Aside from never having to clean off your car, you also don’t have to heat it up or worry about the engine block freezing during sub-zero temps. Underground parking also adds an added level of security because most parking garages have 24-hour surveillance.

More Reasons to choose apartment living

7. Security

When it comes to apartment living, there are endless possibilities. But, if security is a concern, choosing a secure building might be perfect for you. Aside from having a key coded secure entrance, most buildings also offer surveillance (as mentioned above). Consider this; many people now share almost everything on social media, including when they’re away for the weekend or on vacation. Giving that kind of information to the general public becomes less of a concern if you’re apartment is inside a secure building.

8. Floor Plan Flexibility

Many apartments offer a variety of floor plans which makes upgrading more accessible. Say you’re just getting started in a new city and you start with a 1 bedroom apartment. Once you’re more established and you decide to upgrade, you could easily do that in the same building if yours offers a variety of floor plans.

9. Decor & Style

It’s not uncommon for property managers to allow paint & decor. Generally speaking, when someone moves out of an apartment, the entire unit is repainted anyway! Be sure to check with your property manager before you put paint on the walls, but typically they’ll allow it.

13 Reasons to choose apartment living

10. Simplified Payments

A downpayment, closing costs, inspection costs, adjustments, insurance, realtor commission, and ongoing maintenance are all the norm of home-ownership. Apartment living affords the convenience to make a single, consistent payment with no surprises every month.

11. Low Maintenance

Further to the finance point, if something breaks in an apartment or the roof needs to be replaced, residents aren’t on the hook for that. Apartment living means there are no financial surprises lurking around the corner.

Another under-rated perk of apartment living is garbage removal. Not having to worry about what day garbage removal is or when to put your recyclables out to the curb is a bonus. Not to mention, never having to fight the elements to empty your compost!

12. Walkability

Moving to a downtown hub can have more advantages than meets the eye. While the housing market in densely populated urban areas is often out of reach, renting an apartment in those same areas can be very doable. Taking up residence in an area that allows you to walk also saves on fuel costs & vehicle maintenance. Plus, it’s great for your health!

13. More Free Time

If you’re not consumed by yard work, deck staining, gutter cleaning, snow shoveling and an endless to-do list of household chores you can focus your time on things you really love.

If Halifax is on your radar and you’re looking for hassle-free apartment living, we’d love to show you around. The Junction offers a variety of flexible floor plans and unique amenities in Halifax’s trendy North End.